Emotional Eats with Kim Hynes

What health and fitness personality are you? Allan categorizes individuals into five types based on their motivation and approach to fitness, each with its unique strengths and challenges. Understanding your fitness personality can help you leverage it for sustained health and wellness. The conversation also touches on the importance of resistance training, particularly as we… Continue reading Emotional Eats with Kim Hynes

It’s Not About the Alcohol Podcast with Colleen ┬áKachmann

On episode 109 of It’s Not About the Alcohol Podcast, Colleen Kachmann and Coach Allan discuss mindset mistakes that make weight loss impossible. The discussed the 5 mindsets that block us and how to ensure you always have motivation to lose weight and improve your fitness. You can find the episode at https://podcasts.apple.com/mx/podcast/ep109-the-mindset-mistakes-that-make-sustainable/id1654335817?i=1000646234048.

Couch to Active Podcast with Lyn Linbergh

On the Couch to Active Podcast, Lyn and Coach Allan discuss how you can look at fitness differently see exercise and workouts differently. We also discussed the 40+ Fitness Motivation Map so you can do motivation right. We also discussed the free Health Blocker Mindset Quiz, which you can take at 40plusfitness.com/quiz. You can find… Continue reading Couch to Active Podcast with Lyn Linbergh

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