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The Details

What: The Better Me Tomorrow Workshop

When: January 1, 2023 from 3pm to 7pm Eastern

Where: Zoom Video Conference (link provided after sign-up)

Cost: $27

What's Included:

  • The full live 4-hour online workshop where we build out your 2023 roadmap to success
  • The Better Me Tomorrow Workbook (PDF) to work step-by-step through the process.
  • Bonus: Eleven months of access to The Better Me Tomorrow Private Facebook Group so you can have access to me to ask questions, share successes, and connect with likeminded workshop-mates.

Note 1: There is an opportunity to upgrade to VIP, which will give you even more access to work with me throughout 2023. The details are on the check out form. Slide the button to add the upgrade to your cart.

Note 2: My Zoom account has a limit of 100 attendees. Since I'm one of them, that leaves only 99 seats available for this workshop.

How to Build Your Best Body in 2023

Allan before and after

My health and fitness journey started in 2005, after years of neglect and gluttony had left me unhealthy, unfit, and miserable. I wanted to change. I wanted to find the parts of me I had lost.

But 8 years later after countless starts and stops, moments of success, and spectacular crashes down to Earth, I'd really just lost and regained the same 20 - 30 lbs over and over again.

But then, something pretty amazing happened... 

Solving the Riddle

I solved the riddle and unlocked the shackles that had held me down for so long. The cool part? The answer was always within me the whole time. I just had to open the cage and let it out.

Have you felt like that, like there's something holding you down and keeping you from living the life you were meant to live?

Despite millions of books and articles on health, fitness, weight loss, and self-improvement, nothing works for you and when something seems to be working, it fizzles out. It's very frustrating, isn't it?

What really bothered me back in 2013 was that nobody was teaching this.

And sadly, I'm still the only one who puts it front and center.

A few trainers talk about it. I've seen a few books where it gets a few paragraphs, maybe a subsection of a chapter. This is so important that without it, the rest of the book or things your trainer tells you are worthless.

Making it Even Harder

I launched The 40+ Fitness Podcast, the first and largest health and fitness podcast for people over 40 in 2015. In the 7 years since, I've learned some dark secrets. Most of the health and fitness industry structures things to make you fail. I know that sounds terrible.

But take the standard line of advice, "Eat less and move more." How are you supposed to do that when you're hungry all the time?

Here's another example: They'll sell you a gym membership knowing you'll probably stop coming, even if they have pizza or cookies on the counter. If everyone with a membership to the gym showed up regularly, you'd always be waiting on a machine (like a theme park). Slick, huh?

They're businesses in industries that profit most when people stay sick and unfit. The obesity crisis you and I are living through is great for their bottom line.

Set Yourself Free

The key to real transformation, the kind I experienced losing over 66 lbs of fat, makes the process feel like you're riding a bike downhill. Even when you lift your feet off the petals, you'll continue to move forward.

Once you take the key and unlock the chains, change will happen and it will come fast. 

40+ Fitness Testimonial
40+ Fitness Testimonial

What's This All About?

On January 1st at 3pm Eastern/noon Pacific, I'm doing a 4-hour workshop that I call The Better Me Tomorrow Workshop. During this time, I'm going to give you everything I've learned over 15 years, transforming myself and working with clients to do the same for them. All of this will be distilled to give you everything you need.

During this done-with-you workshop, you will discover the secrets of success for losing weight and getting fit. It's not a lecture. It's a live program of self-discovery and growth. Uncovering the answers that are in each of us. Yes, anybody can do this.

We will also drill into the specific things you can do right now to move the needle. We're not going into generic tips and tricks. We're identifying the specific strategies and tactics that are right for you.

But more importantly, we'll face and defeat the key struggles that have been holding you back:

  • How to unleash your innate motivation that gets and keeps you going. No more procrastination or stalling out.
  • How to get more done by slowing down. Meet all your obligations and still have time for yourself.
  • How to break free from the demons who've held you back in the past such as emotional eating, night snacking, and using food and alcohol to address stress.
  • How to beat back the negative self-talk and become your own best friend.
  • How to deal with saboteurs without alienating friends and family you love.
  • How to make progress even when you're dealing with menopause, chronic pain, or chronic fatigue.

What if it Doesn't Work for Me?

Maybe that voice in your head is asking this question. Actually, it is a valid question. It is good to be skeptical. Having a good level of skepticism keeps us safe.

That's why I offer a 40-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you decide for whatever reason that The Better Me Tomorrow Workshop didn't provide you the key to transformation in 2023, that I didn't deliver results for you, just ask and I'll give you a full refund. I don't do shallow. I offer results.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at coach@40plusfitness.com.

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